How many times have you been distracted from work by a YouTube video, or pulled out your phone in the elevator to avoid talking to the person standing next to you? I do both of these a lot of times.

Instead of starting a task or engaging with a stranger, I choose to do something comfortable, because it’s easy. The other reason I prefer to do these things is because I’m constantly flooded by distractions, all of which are accessible with just the push of a button.

We live in a world in which technology practically rules everything around us. The Internet is widely available, most of the people now have the ability to go online at any time.

Every day, we become more and more dependent on technology to make simple decisions and to go from one place to another.

Therefore, we can say that we live in a world filled with distractions and infinite choices. By simplifying our life and reducing the number of decisions that we have to make every day, we can begin to maintain a higher level of motivation to reach our goals.

Reasons how reducing distractions can simplify your life

1. Fewer choices mean more chances to reach your goal.

More than half of the population is suffering from decision fatigue.  By reducing the number of choices we have to make in a given day, we can actually boost the likelihood of reaching your goals. One of the ways to reduce decision fatigue would be to delete distractions such as social media or games from your phone.

2.    It is good for mental health.

Reducing the usage of things like social media will make us a much happier person. Not only will it give us a reason to go outside and interact with other people face-to-face, it can also help us to improve our self-esteem, thereby helping us to simplify our life and achieve our goals.

3.  It makes us more creative.

People who experience fewer digital distractions are often better positioned to adopt practices that have proven to increase creativity and problem-solving skills. Practices like mindfulness and mindful meditation have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. People who practice mindfulness are far more likely to think “outside the box” and they avoid being blinded by their past experiences. They are able to live in the moment and are therefore able to come up with unique solutions to their problems, this helps them to achieve their goals easily.

Finding a long-lasting source of motivation is never easy, but you can improve your chances of getting motivated and staying that way by embracing simplicity.


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