Very often before going to sleep I just brush my teeth, put on my PJs, and hop into bed. Then I turn out the light on the nightstand, say good night…and instantly, I’ll be awake. Like, really AWAKE.

And lots and lots of thoughts go in my mind: did I mail the assignment? Did I text her back? Did I inform her about tomorrow’s meeting? Did I …. And it goes on till I toss and turn a few times, and unfortunately I usually end up rolling out of bed, grabbing my phone or the remote, and staying awake for another 1-2 hours.

This is not at all healthy. Not only am I prolonging my bedtime, but I don’t usually get a peaceful and a proper 8 hours sleep.

And I have had enough of it, so I have incorporated some rituals in my night time routine. Here is a night time routine for better sleep.

  • Switch off your laptop, TV and phones.
    Studies show that the light from screens causes stress, revs up your mind, and therefore it doesn’t help you to sleep peacefully. Generally, before going to bed we charge our phones and keep it near us, try to charge the phone a little far from your phone. So that even if you don’t feel sleepy, you don’t start using the phone.


  • Drink a cup of tea.
    A warm, calming cup of tea soothes me and helps to slow me down. I like to pick a herbal tea that’s naturally decaf but not short on flavour.
  • Read or Write.
    While sipping the tea I prefer to either read a chapter from the book or write down all my thoughts after a long day, and even making notes for tomorrow, helps me to shut down my brain for the night. It’s good closure for me so that I can start the next day, fresh.


  • Brush your teeth and wash your face.
    Obviously, these are good for hygiene, but I think they also flip a switch in my mind of washing away the day and getting ready to turn in.
  • Pace your breathing.
    If you set a breathing pace for yourself, then you can fall asleep fast even you are not feeling sleepy. It works like this: breath into a count of 4, hold your breath to a count of 7, and then eventually breathe out to a count of 8.

These rituals have helped me to sleep peacefully and I hope they help you too.

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