Well after a certain period of time we all feel like our life is stagnant and we need a change and the first thing that comes into our minds.. well at least in my mind is that I need a makeover. Now a new look/new makeover can be an expensive thing to achieve. You can either spend hours at a salon to get new hair and nice skin or you can do it all on your own, right at home.


  1. Clear skin- For a new look, the first thing that you need is flawless skin. To get that, you need to detox in order to flush out all the toxins that have accumulated underneath the surface due to the pollution, makeup and so on. Steam your face for at least 10 minutes, this will open all your pores. Then exfoliate your face using a face scrub and then if you have unwanted facial hair then remove them and finally apply a face mask, I generally prefer a homemade turmeric mask as it gives a healthy to my skin.
  2. Silky, healthy and voluminous hair- Oil your hair for half an hour and then apply a homemade yoghurt and banana pack to your hair and leave it for about 45 mins and then wash it using a mild shampoo. Yoghurt conditions your hair and makes it look soft and shiny whereas the banana makes your hair look voluminous and healthy.
  3. Different hair- well this is optional but if you really want a drastic makeover I would suggest you to get a haircut and then if you wish you can also get your hair coloured.
  4. Change your makeup- We can often get repetitive with the way we wear our makeup. Changing little things like the colours of our lipstick, the way we wear kajal or eyeliner or changing the way you do your brows can really help you change your look.
  5. Be confident- the last and the most important thing that you require for your makeover is to be confident and have a positive attitude cause when you are happy and optimistic from inside then you will surely glow on the outside.


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