And I am back after a long break, sorry I have been busy in the past month but I assure you I will make up for that.

From the warmer temperatures to the blossoming buds, the seasonal transition is almost upon us—which means that just like your wardrobe changes seasonally, the way you tend to your skin should also change. So, I feel that the season transition is the perfect opportunity for you to renew your skincare routine and this is the perfect time for you to introduce a line of natural products in your routine. Don’t know where to start? Read on to learn how you can use natural products to achieve a radiant and rejuvenated glow.




The benefits of Aloe Vera are plentiful: soothing, healing, restorative, moisturising. Its properties have been used in medicines since ancient times, but it continues to live on as an incredible skincare ingredient.Extract the juice from its fleshy pulp and apply it on your face and hair, aloe vera is used for healing chronic skin problems and also for hair growth or you can just enjoy Aloe in your yoghurt or favourite beverage.



If you’re wondering how to get rid of pimples, carrots could be your answer. They’re laden with vitamin A, an essential nutrient for those with oily skin. Vitamin A helps reduce the amount of sebum (oil) produced in the pores, which can lessen the frequency or severity of acne breakouts.


If you’re like most aboard the chemical peel train, you’ve probably already heard the benefits of the enzymatic papaya. Tropical fruits such as papaya or pineapple contain an enzyme called “papain” which has skin-peeling properties. It’s a great renewing agent and breaks down skin cells to reveal a newer, brighter complexion. 


Eggs have been used by women for centuries to cure dry skin. Packed with protein and lecithin—a natural skin lubricant—egg yolk delivers an ample dose of post-winter hydration. If you can just look past the smell of the egg, then I would suggest you to combine one egg with a tablespoon of honey and wear it as a mask for 15 minutes to experience a buttery soft surface beneath.


Rose is a natural astringent, meaning it helps to constrict pores by removing oil and dirt from the skin. The result is a smoother, firmer complexion—which smells incredible too! Find it in a toner at the store or make your own DIY mist at home. Mix a tablespoon of dried rose petals and 1 cup of white vinegar; let the mixture sit for a week before straining and adding ½ cup of rosewater to spray or dab onto your skin after cleansing.


True—you should be staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water all year round. Purify your skin from within by consuming a restorative amount of water, and promote your complexion (and overall health!) by eating a balanced diet filled with leafy greens, Omega-3s and antioxidants.Your skin thank you for this.



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