Recently, I’ve been a HUGE believer in health from the inside out- what you eat shows up in your skin. So these days I’m always eating foods that promote dewy, glowy skin.

Below are some of my favourite glowy go-to’s:


Kale is known to reduce wrinkles & has more antioxidants than any other leafy green vegetable. Vitamin A is really great for your skin & kale is filled with it.
I am a big fan of vitamin A not only because it is good for my skin but also because it helps in improving eyesight. Kale is packed with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which is a super rare combination. This is also known to really promote hair growth & who doesn’t want hair growth? As long as it’s on my head, I’m good- I just don’t want it on my moustache.



Lemon is my favourite. I put lemon on ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. I put it on pasta, pizza, rice, noodles you name it, lemon is on it. Lemon is filled with tons of minerals & vitamins- calcium, potassium, obviously vitamin C, antioxidants & it’s known to kill bacteria. If you wanted to get crazy with it, it’s also known as a lightener. This means it can lighten hyperpigmentation on the skin. Whenever I make a homemade mask I add lemon to it. Lemon peels can even be rubbed on your face for a nice skin glow too.

images (2)


Bone Broth contains hyaluronic acid. This is an ingredient a lot of famous dermatologists use in their products. It’s also used in fillers- so what we want to do is drink that hyaluronic acid. It promotes clear skin by reducing acne, rosacea, eczema & psoriasis. It also really helps with cell repair which in turn helps with dark circles under the eyes. It’s even known to prevent stretch marks during weight gain or pregnancy since there’s collagen in it. Some people even report that bone broth gets rid of their cellulite because of the collagen.


Mushrooms are great for someone like me who is prone to swelling. They’re anti-inflammatory & high in vitamin D. Mushrooms also have selenium which is great for wrinkles.



Think of carrots as your very own wonder wands—good for the eyes and good for clearing up breakouts. No magic here, though, just plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A, an antioxidant which prevents overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer. That means fewer flaky dead cells that otherwise could combine with sebum to clog your pores. Plus, vitamin A plays an essential role in reducing the development of skin-cancer cells. It’s a win-win with this best food for the skin.

images (1)


Let me know what foods you guys like to eat for glowing skin.

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