We all love smooth, poreless and beautiful skin. But, thanks to the seasonal transition and hectic lifestyle, this dream rarely gets fulfilled and you end up with a rough and dry skin. Rough skin makes you look aged and it also implies poor skin care. To make your skin super soft and smooth, I would... Continue Reading →


And I am back after a long break, sorry I have been busy in the past month but I assure you I will make up for that. From the warmer temperatures to the blossoming buds, the seasonal transition is almost upon us—which means that just like your wardrobe changes seasonally, the way you tend to... Continue Reading →


When I’m in a room full of strangers, I never really know how to interact because I have no idea what is going on in their minds so, I listen more than talk. I overanalyse each and every movement and word a hundred times in my head before I react to my surroundings, and this... Continue Reading →


I’ve been journaling for as long as I can remember. Earlier when I would journal, it was a kind of venting session for me. It didn’t always include all the bad things but I would just unload my day, pour out my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings and so on while journaling. A couple of... Continue Reading →


As a kid, I always used to dream of what my life will look like when I will be in college. Well now I’ve a spent a year in college and if I were to sum up everything that I've discovered in the past year is that LIFE IS AN ART. Everything you do -... Continue Reading →

5 Steps To Achieve your goals

Do you have any friends that just seem to have all of their shit together on social media? You know…the ones graduating from law school, starting killer jobs, launching companies, buying homes, getting married, giving talks and gallivanting around the globe. They’re the ones I’ve been Facebook-stalking for the last 45 minutes while I put... Continue Reading →

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